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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions about Dreeft in our FAQ section. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us directly !

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  • How do I know if my wheelchair is compatible with Dreeft wheels?
    Our wheels are compatible with most manual wheelchairs. The wheels include an adapter system for both 12 mm and 12.7 mm axles. Our adapter system tolerates a wheel camber angle of up to 10 degrees. To check your wheelchair's compatibility with Dreeft wheels, please complete our form: https : // In some cases, we'll ask you for photos and measurements to ensure compatibility.
  • What is the weight of Dreeft wheels?
    Weight of a fully equipped complete wheel with axle and grip flange: 3.774g Weight of a Spinergy-XLX wheel equipped with the same components: 2.381g For indication: Weight of a Marathon+ tyre: 585g Weight of removable grip tube: 650g Weight of a fast axle: 111g
  • How wide are Dreeft wheels?
    Dreeft wheel width is 87mm I.e. the length measured between the axle barrel and the furthest point of the wheel. For example: the overall width of a Spinergy-XLX wheel (fitted with the same grip) is 87mm. It is possible to remove the handrail fixing spacers in order to reduce the overall width of the wheel by 7mm. The handrail is then closer to the wheel, i.e. a width of 80mm. Width of adapters:- Type A adapter designed for most folding frames can add up to 10mm over the original configuration. - Type B adapter designed for most fixed frames does not add additional width. To know your configuration, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study your case!
  • Can I use my wheelset with engines?
    The use of Dreeft wheels is compatible with the accessories of your chair.We particularly recommend the use of Dreeft wheels to secure and improve the handling of wheelchairs equipped with 5th wheels for rear propulsion: Smoov, Smartdrive or Yomper. The other types of additional motorization by 3rd front wheel (Batec Sirocco, Omni...) are compatible without problem, even if the braking function is not useful when handling the motorization.
  • Does the Dreeft braking system require maintenance?
    The Dreeft wheel braking system is inspired by the so-called "coaster" Dutch bicycle hubs, which have been proven for decades. Braking results from friction generated by pads on a manganese-vanadium alloy steel drum. The heat generated by the friction is then dissipated in the hub by conduction and then in the air by natural convection. A layer of grease interposed between the rubbing parts ensures wear-free contact. The hub is dust- and splash-proof, so it retains a sufficient amount of grease throughout its life and is maintenance-free. Other wheel components (tyres, spokes, inner tube) are of course consumables and can be replaced as on any wheel.
  • Is the Dreeft braking system reimbursed by social security?
    There is no LPPR line associated with our product, as it is simply the first manual wheelchair braking system.We are currently working on the subject to make our product accessible to as many people as possible.On the other hand, Dreeft wheels are eligible for the PCH envelope of the Departmental Houses for Disabled People.
  • Is it possible to ride 2 wheels with my pair of Dreeft wheels?
    Dreeft wheels require some getting used to, as the handrim is movable relative to the wheel, which induces "actuation play" for reverse gear.It is quite possible to pass ordinary obstacles requiring a two-wheeler (boats, sidewalks, soft ground) provided you have good control of the Dreeft wheels.For this, it is necessary to practice well with the help of a professional, a support strap, and especially to fix an anti-tip wheel in the case where the two-wheeler is not perfectly mastered. .
  • How long are Dreeft wheels guaranteed?
    Wheel warranty is two years from date of purchase. Wear components (tire, spokes, inner tube) are not covered by the warranty. Find more information in the general conditions of sale.
  • Is it possible to use my Dreeft wheels with all terrain MTB tires
    It is perfectly possible to equip your Dreeft wheels with a pair of mountain bike tires for all-terrain outdoor outings!The wheels are fitted with 25mm Schwalbe tires as standard. We are unable to deliver wheels with a custom tire fitment. All you have to do is ask your dealer to change the tyres. All resellers of medical equipment know how to perform this operation.For this use, we recommend adding a 3rd front wheel to the wheelchair to raise the Freewheel type castors.
  • Does the Dreeft wheelset replace parking brakes?
    Parking brakes (also called parking brakes) are essential for safe transfers. Our Dreeft wheels therefore do not replace these brakes, especially if you want to swap with another pair of wheels! For these reasons, we have not integrated a blocking function into Dreeft.
  • Are Dreeft wheels available outside France?
    We are currently only planning marketing in and around France. But we do intend to make Dreeft available in foreign countries. Do not hesitate to fill out our contact form with your contact details so that we can notify you of the progress of the project!
  • Is there a weight limit for using the Dreeft system?
    To date, our wheels have been certified to withstand a maximum weight of 120 kg. Consequently, we cannot guarantee their use beyond this limit.
  • Is it possible to install my original wheels on my wheelchair after installing the Dreeft wheels?
    Once the chair is equipped with Dreeft adapters, other wheel models may become incompatible with the chair. To be able to continue using other wheels (such as the original wheelchair wheels, or mountain bike wheels), contact your dealer to check compatibility and adapt the mounting axles accordingly.

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