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the story of a project conceived and manufactured in france

Dreeft wheels are designed and assembled in France by highly qualified engineers and technicians to guarantee the quality and robustness of our products.

The origin of our project

Dreeft was born in Colin's head on leaving a design course at Compiègne University of Technology in 2015. As a student, he came across a manual wheelchair user whose hands were burnt and who was struggling to get down a slope. So he decided to look into the problem :

How can we provide a braking solution without changing the ergonomics of moving a manual wheelchair, and without adding an actuating lever ?

Hundreds of hours of development, numerous prototypes leading to the filing of a patent, and a few years later, the Eppur team was set up to develop and market Dreeft wheels !

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Our mission

Eppur's mission is to invent, develop and distribute accessibility, mobility, and independence solutions for people with disabilities.

Icône Engagement

Our commitment

EPPUR is constantly pushing back the boundaries of technology to offer ever more effective solutions tailored to users' needs.  Our team works closely with disabled people's associations and healthcare professionals to ensure that Dreeft meets their expectations perfectly.

Icône Santé

98 % of healthcare professionals recommend Dreeft to their patients

Since 2016, we have had Dreeft tested in around ten rehabilitation centres, and have interviewed over a hundred users of manual wheelchairs, as well as dozens of occupational therapists, physiotherapists and PRM doctors. We realised that, apart from the problem of braking, the mobility and independence of people with disabilities were all too often hampered.

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Icône Idée projet

Share your brilliant ideas with us !

Our book of new ideas is filling up, but if you'd like to help us, don't hesitate to submit your best ideas for innovations to help people with disabilities !

Would you like to test our wheels ?

Ask about the availability of Dreeft wheels in your country.
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