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Become an EPPUR reseller partner and sell Dreeft in your stores in mainland France and French overseas departments and territories !

Dealer area

Already part of our network ? Find all the communication tools you need to promote Dreeft in your stores.
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How can I become an EPPUR dealer ?

At Eppur, we want our users, your customers, to have tested our product before buying it. It's the best way for us to make sure we're making happy Dreefters !

In order to make this experience accessible to as many users as possible, we are currently looking for new partners to extend our network of resellers.

Over 250 resellers in France have already put their trust in us! Why not join us ?

Become a distributor

If you would like to become one of our distributors, please fill in the form below :
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Reseller area

Dear reseller friends,


Welcome to the Eppur network! As partners with a demo copy, we fully trust you to respond to each test request from our users. Obviously, the Eppur team remains at your disposal if you need.

Up to you !

Download below all the useful supports to present your pair of wheels to your customers : 



Do you need anything else ? A question ? An observation ? Don't hesitate ! 

Want to join our network ?

Are you a medical equipment retailer interested in distributing Dreeft in your region ? Fill in our dedicated contact form to find out about our terms and conditions.
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