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Fauteuil équipé de roues Dreeft
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1990,90 € TTC*

The 1st braking system for manual wheelchairs.


Inspired by Dutch bicycles, our wheels incorporate a "back-pedal" braking system at their center, enabling the user to activate a brake by lightly pulling the handrail backwards. With Dreeft, you can slow down, turn and reverse without any friction in your hand, and with 5x less effort!

Icône de Garantie

Manufacturer's warranty : 2 years excluding wear parts.

*Indicative retail price. See details and options on measurement sheet.

A pair of wheels designed for injury-free braking

Eliminates 100% of friction

When braking, the handrail remains stationary in relation to the hand. Rubbing and burning are simply eliminated.

- 80% braking effort

The system multiplies braking effort. Dreeft wheels reduce the effort required on the handrail by 80% for braking equivalent to a traditional wheel.

Compatible with motorization

Dreeft wheels are particularly useful for controlling the 5th rear drive wheels safely, without straining your shoulders on every turn or on slopes.

Sophie G.


Ce système de freinage répond à une vraie problématique de terrain en apportant du confort pour les utilisateurs. Il réduit les risques de blessures et est adapté à tous.


Note avis client

Étude réalisée par EPPUR sur un panel de 20 utilisateurs de Dreeft entre mars et juin 2023.

Utilisatrice Dreeft

Une fois qu’on a essayé les roues Dreeft, on ne peut plus revenir en arrière. C’est le système qu’on attendait tous pour améliorer notre quotidien. Nos épaules, nos bras et nos mains sont enfin protégés.

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To stop using your hands as brake pads

The Dreeft wheel pair enables wheelchair users to brake progressively and safely with a simple push to the rear of the handrail.

For effortless control of bends and slopes

With Dreeft, braking is progressive : braking force increases with the force exerted on the handrail. This makes it easier for the user to control the speed of the wheelchair.

And because the Dreeft handrail is not attached to the rest of the wheel, the user can maintain a firm grip and control the direction of the wheelchair more easily.

For greater safety, autonomy and everyday comfort

By eliminating the risk of braking-related injury, Dreeft gives wheelchair users peace of mind and reduces the need for assistance from others.


Dreeft wheels considerably improve the safety and reliability of movement for people with disabilities, enabling them to lead more active and independent lives.

What do our users have to say about us ?


Dreeft User

“With Dreeft, it's very easy to make turns, especially with my motorization. The ride is very smooth.

Before using Dreeft, I used to get burns on my hands, especially when I wanted to go downhill because the metal or rubber of the handrail rubbed against my skin.

I don't need to pull on the handrail much, so my shoulders rest.”

Roue Dreeft - EPPUR
Icône France


Designed for strength and durability, Dreeft wheels are made in France in our factory in Lille (59).

How does it work ?

With Dreeft, there's no need to grip the handrail ! Everyone can use it, whatever their gripping ability.

Going forward

If the handrail is moved forward, it drives the wheel forward and the wheelchair moves forward.


As the handrail is not attached to the rim, they no longer rotate simultaneously. This allows you to keep control of your wheelchair without burning your hands.


If you move the handrail backwards, you engage the hub's internal braking system and brake without any friction.

Going backwards

If, once stationary, you continue to push the handrail backwards, you can go into reverse.

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Vue éclatée Dreeft - EPPUR

Technical specifications

Icône Dimensions - Dreeft


Icône Poids - Dreeft


Roue Dreeft - EPPUR

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